Made in China: 10 picture books you can’t miss

This was the title of an article by Li Hongrui in China Daily, 14 July 2016. Li gave an illustration, an English title, and a short review for each Chinese book. While it’s great to see picture books being recommended, we need more information to make it easier to find them and read them for ourselves. So, I’m adding the authors, illustrators, publishers, ISBNs and an online link here. One of them (no.10) was A New York Times Best Illustrated Children’s Book of 2011! And we’re looking forward to seeing another one (no.3) published in English in 2017!


(1) A Tree, by San Zhi (2016)

(1) 三只:《树》(清华大学出版社,2016 年) ISBN 9787302404217


(2) Little Stone Lion, by Xiong Gao (2007)

(2) 熊高:《小石狮》(明天出版社,2007 年) ISBN 9787533254636


(3) The Story of Water and Ink, by Liang Peilong (2013)

(3) 梁培龙∶ 《水与墨的故事》 (中国原创绘本精品系列 , 浙江少年儿童出版社, 2013 年)  ISBN 9787534276606  —  English translation forthcoming (Balestier Books)


(4) The Iron Gate Alleyway, by Bao Dongni and Wu Di (2013)

(4) 保冬妮(文),吴翟(绘): 《铁门胡同》  (京记忆小时候的故事,新疆青少年出版社, 2013 年).  ISBN 9787534276606


(5) Pumpkin Monk, by Xiong Liang (2013)

(5) 熊亮: 《南瓜和尚》  (浙江少年儿童出版社,2013 年) ISBN 9787534276590


(6) Clay Rabbit for the Mid-Autumn Day, by Xiong Liang (2007)

(6) 熊亮: 《兔儿爷》  (明天出版社 2007 年)  ISBN 9787533254643


(7) Dancing Cranes, by Bao Dongni and Xia Jinghan (2013)

(7) 保冬妮 、夏婧涵:《舞鹤》(人民教育出版社, 2013 年)  ISBN 9787107263750


(8) Clothes Made From the Feathers of 100 Birds, by Cai Gao (2013)

(8) 蔡皋: 《百鸟羽衣》(中国原创绘本精品系列, 浙江少年儿童出版社, 2013) ISBN 9787534276613


(9) A Seed in Time, by Xiong Liang and Bai Jie (2014)

(9) 熊亮 (文),白洁 (绘): 《时间的种子》 (中国原创绘本精品系列, 浙江少年儿童出版社, 2014) ISBN 9787534282393 


(10) Reunion, by Yu Liqiong and Zhu Chengliang (2008)

(10) 余丽琼 (文),朱成梁 (绘): 《团圆》 (明天出版社, 2008) ISBN 9787533255879 — A New York Times Best Illustrated Children’s Book of 2011!


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