19. A picture’s worth a thousand words…

On 3 November, we posted a piece about Zhang Xinxin and Little People’s Books. Zhang Xinxin created the beautiful banner for our blog, and she kindly highlighted our blog on her Weibo page. It seems we are not the only people who like this image. On 11 November, the Chinese periodical Wen yi bao (“Literature and Arts Paper”) reproduced it in its print and online edition. 


Photo of the printed edition, thanks to our friend in Beijing

The article is titled “A Golden Decade – but with how much gold?” and discusses the state of children’s book publishing in China. The online edition is available here: 黄金十年”究竟有多少含金量?》 中国作家网 >>报刊>>文艺报>>第五版 //  // 2016111107:08 来源:文艺报 行超 .

Unfortunately, Wen yi bao does not give the source of this image, nor does it acknowledge that Zhang Xinxin is the creator, and owner, of this artwork. We hope that Wen yi bao will acknowledge this in a future issue.

It’s ironic that in our blog we quoted an excerpt from Zhang Xinxin’s memoir-essay The Adventures of a Graphic Novelist in which she described how difficult it was to publish her graphic novel. And we provided a link to the full essay translated into English (available online and free).

However, as this incident has arisen, we’d like to draw your attention to two things:

Wen yi bao – the brief introduction on Wikipedia is the best thing we could find in English online. It’s a shame that there’s so little information available for English readers about a periodical that’s so widely read in China. We couldn’t even find a consistent English name for it. If you know of any other sources in English, please let us (and Wikipedia) know.

#picturesmeanbusiness – this is an important campaign championed by Sarah McIntyre, who explains very clearly how acknowledging illustrators properly helps everyone!


Campaign image by Sarah McIntyre, and posted here with her permission

UPDATE:  Wen yi bao has now edited the online version, and credited Zhang Xinxin as the creator of this image.



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