23. Bing Xin and The Little Orange Lantern

Bing Xin 冰心 (1900-1999) is a major figure in Chinese literature, and the Bing Xin Children’s Literature Award 冰心儿童文学新作奖 is one of the four major Chinese literature awards. This month, one of Bing Xin’s most famous works, The Little Orange Lantern 《小橘灯》,was featured on Brigitte Duzan’s website Chineseshortstories (including the memoir -essay in Chinese, her translation into French, and the background to the story). Inspired by Brigitte’s post, I have created a similar version for English readers here. Continue reading

22. Jin Jin (1915-1989)

Earlier this month, Brigitte Duzan featured Jin Jin 金近, one of the major Chinese children’s writers of the twentieth century, on her website Chineseshortstories. Inspired by Brigitte’s biography of Jin Jin (in French), we have created a very similar one in English. Continue reading