Helen Wang Wins the 2017 Marsh Award for Children’s Literature in Translation

The biennial Marsh Award for Children’s Literature in Translation has gone to Helen Wang, for her translation of Cao Wenxuan’s Bronze and Sunflower, published by Walker Books in 2015. Big congratulations, Helen! 


Helen Wang receiving the 2017 Marsh Award for Children’s Literature in Translation from Mrs Aleksandra Marsh, 25 January 2017 (photo: Nicky Harman)

The Marsh Award was established in 1996. “It is presented biennially and recognises the best translation into English of a children’s book published within the previous two years.

The purpose of the Award is to celebrate the best translation of a children’s book from a foreign language into English, thereby promoting children’s literature across different cultures, making great stories more accessible to young readers. It also highlights the important role of the translator, who can often be overlooked.” (more here)

The Marsh Award is administered by the English Speaking Union, and this year the judges were Gillian Lathey, Wendy Cooling, Colin Niven and Kevin Crossley-Holland (more here, including a photo of the four judges with the recipient Helen Wang).

Bronze and Sunflower by Cao Wenxuan; translated by Helen Wang. 1st American edition. Candlewick, 2017.

The American edition of the book will be released by Candlewick in the spring of 2017, allowing more English-speaking readers to appreciate an elegantly translated Chinese story set in a politically tumultuous era. Candlewick has created a page for Bronze and Sunflower on their website, including details of the book, reviews and “Classroom Ideas”. Schools in the UK have been doing fun activities based around the book too (more here).

Bronze and Sunflower 《青铜葵花》is one of the major works by Chinese children’s writer Cao Wenxuan 曹文轩, winner of the prestigious Hans Christian Andersen Award in 2016.


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