43. Starfish Bay Children’s Books

Starfish Bay Children’s Books is an independent publishing house based in Adelaide, Australia and Auckland, New Zealand, and has published several children’s books translated from Chinese since 2015. Their website is colourful, and gives information about the authors and illustrators, and sample pages of the picture books.

Authors include Bingbo, BAI Bing, SHEN Shixi, CAI Gao and TANG Sulan. Illustrators include YU Rong, Gumi, CAI Gao, SHEN Yuanyuan, Huang Ying, JIanming ZHOU, Jiwei QIAN, Daqing, Sifan YANG, and Anne Gee Neo. The translators aren’t named, so I asked Luke Hou, Founder and Director, who said the translations are done in editorial teams.

According to their website,

We predominantly publish picture books for children aged 3 to 8. We specialise in two publishing fields:

  • We carefully select a range of translated books from around the world that are excellent stories with imaginative and intriguing illustrations. We hope teachers and parents will find these books useful in encouraging children’s cultural awareness.
  • We like to publish original creative work by both new and established authors. We publish books through a traditional process.

I found a total of 11 books translated from Chinese on their website. Here are the books translated from Chinese so far, followed by those due later in 2017 and 2018. Click on the titles to go through to the relevant webpage:


Free As A Cloud, by BAI Bing, illustrated by YU Rong (2017)

A group of books by Bingbo, illustrated by Gumi, published 2015-2016:


The Busy Tailor Crab, by Bingbo, illustrated by Gumi (2016)


Two Unhappy Fish, by Bingbo, illustrated by Gumi (2015)


The Pear Violin, by Bingbo, illustrated by Gumi (2015)


The Moving House, by Bingbo, illustrated by Huangying (2015)


The Cowardly Lion, by Bingbo, illustrated by Jianming ZHOU (2015)


Little Bear’s Sunlight, by Bingbo, illustrated by Jiwei QIAN and Daqing (2015)

Books to look out for in the future:


Where Should Grace the Witch Live?, by Sulan TANG, illustrated by Sifan Yang (2017)


How I Came to Be Me, written and illustrated by Gao CAI (Jan 2018)


What a Beautiful Name!, by Sulan TANG, illustrated by Ann Gee Neo (Feb 2018)



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