47. CFP: Asian Festival of Children’s Content

Call For Papers: for the 9th Asian Festival of Children’s Content 亚洲少儿读物节 , to be held in Singapore, 5-9 September 2018 (details here). Deadline: 15 September 2017.

The Asian Festival of Children’s Content (AFCC) is an annual festival in Singapore that celebrates and promotes the creation and appreciation of children’s books and content, with a focus on Asian themes.

The AFCC has grown substantially since 2000, and the following figures give an idea of that growth between 2000 and 2016: the number of speakers rose from 21 to 120, conference sessions from 37 to 114, delegates from 80 to 726, and public attendance rose from 500 to 12,000. For more figures and an excellent introduction to the AFCC, its significance and impact, see Mr Ramachandran’s report for 2016.

The AFCC is managed by the National Book Development Council of Singapore (NBDCS). The AFCC website and blog are well-maintained, and includes details of previous festivals, speakers and activities. And you can follow them on facebook and twitter.

Starting in 2012, the AFCC introduced a Country of Focus for each festival: 2012 Philippines, 2013 Malaysia, 2014 India, 2015 China, 2016 Japan, 2017 Indonesia.

In 2015, the AFCC worked on a joint publication with China, titled《狮心绘意 : 中心儿童文学原创作品》 Lion’s Heart, Painted Thoughts: Children’s Literature from Singapore and China, edited by Dr Tan Chee Lay 陈志锐 (Singapore) and Wu Shuangying 吴双英 (China), illustrated by Zhao Ronghao (Changsha: Hunan Juvenile and Children’s Publishing House // 长沙:湖南少年儿童出版社, 2015) ISBN 978-7-5562-0965-1. It is a collection of 16 stories by authors from the two countries, each story published in Chinese and English.

9787556209651-us lion's heart

Lion’s Heart, Painted Thoughts  Image source: Amazon.com

The two introductions to the book:

  • Planting the Seeds of a Singapore-China Literary Collaboration, by Claire Chiang, Chairperson, National Book Development Council of Singapore // 文学播种 新中握手 – 张齐娥(新加坡国家书籍发展理事会主席)
  • The Journey of Children’s Literature on the Maritime Silk Road, by Gong Shuguang, Chairman, China South Publishing & Media Group Co., Ltd // 海上丝绸之路的人儿童文学之旅 – 龚曙光(中南出版传媒集团股份有限公司董事长)

The sixteen stories, as they are presented in the book:

  • Seeing, by Ai Yu, tr. Eric Abrahamsen (Singapore)
    • 艾禺: 《看到》
  • Footprints Everywhere, by Bing Bo, tr. Jeremy Tiang (China)
    • 冰波:《到处是脚印》
  • Piano Talk, by Tan Chee Lay (Chen Zhirui), tr. Teng Qian Xi 邓倩兮 (Singapore)
    • 陈志锐:《谈琴》
  • The Dragon Kite, by Jin Bo, tr. Eric Abrahamsen (China)
    •  金波: 《龙风筝》
  • Running, by Mei Zihan, tr. Jeremy Tiang (China)
    • 梅子涵:《跑步》
  • The Old House, by Qin Wenjun, tr. Jeremy Tiang (China)
    • 秦文君:《老房子》
  • The Umbrella Tree, by Tang Sulan, tr. Eric Abrahamsen (China)
    • 汤素兰:《伞树》
  • The Dancing Snake, by Wang Yimei, tr. Teng Qian Xi (China)
    • 王一梅:《舞蹈的蛇》
  • Ali, Ah Gong is Going Far Away, by Xi Ni Er, tr. Jeremy Tiang (Singapore)
    • 希尼尔:《阿里,阿公远游去》
  • The Little Red Flags of Tao Tao and Mila, by Xiao Mao, tr. Teng Qian Xi (China)
    • 萧袤:《淘淘和米粒的小红旗》
  • It Wasn’t Me, by Chia Joo Ming (Xie Yuming), tr. Teng Qian Xi (Singapore)
    • 谢裕民:《不是我提的》
  • E-reader, by You Jin, tr. Jeremy Tiang (Singapore)
    • 尤今:《电子阅读器》
  • Words in an Autograph Book, by Cheong Hui (Zhang Hui), tr. Zhang Xina (Singapore)
    • 张挥:《纪念册上的话语》
  • Medicine, by Teoh Hee La (Zhang Xina), tr. Eric Abrahamsen (Singapore)
    • 张曦娜:《药》
  • Sickly Boy’s Health Plan, by Zhou Can, tr. Jeremy Tiang (Singapore)
    • 周粲:《小病容的健身计划》
  • The Qingshan King, by Zhou Jing, tr. Jeremy Tiang (China)
    • 周静:《青山大王》

Short bilingual biographies of the authors and the translators are given at the back of the book. The following list is just an outline:

  • AI Yu, b. 1956, female, from Singapore, Vice President of the Singapore Association of Writers
  • BING Bo, male, from Hangzhou, Vice President of the Hangzhou Writers Association
  • TAN Chee Lay (CHEN Zhirui), male, from Singapore, Assistant Professor at Nanyang Technological College, and Deputy Executive Director of the Singapore Centre for Chinese Language
  • JIN Bo, b. 1935, male, from Jizhou, Hebei, Committee Member of the Beijing Writers Association
  • MEI Zihan, b. 1949, male, from Shanghai, Professor at Shanghai Normal University
  • QIN Wenjun, b. 1954, female, from Shanghai, Vice President of the Shanghai Writers Association
  • TANG Sulan, female, Professor at Hunan Normal University
  • WANG Yimei, female
  • XI Ni Er, b. 1957, from Singapore, President of the Singapore Association of Writers
  • XIAO Mao, male, contract writer at the Wuhan Writers Association
  • CHIA Joo Ming (XIE Yuming), b. 1959, male, from Singapore, Senior Executive Sub-Editor of the newspaper Lianhe Zaobao
  • YOU Jin, b. 1950, female, from Singapore
  • CHEONG Hui, b. 1952, male, from Singapore, President of the Society of Writing Singapore
  • TEOH Hee La (ZHANG Xina), female, from Singapore
  • ZHOU Can, b. 1934, male, from Singapore
  • ZHOU Jing (pen name: Guzi), female, from China
  • ZHAO Ronghao, male, from Changsha, Hunan, Lecturer at the Art and Design Dept of Changsha College
  • Eric ABRAHAMSEN, from Seattle, translator
  • Jeremy TIANG, male, from Singapore, translator
  • TENG Qian Xi, female, from Singapore, translator

Many thanks to Dave Haysom for bringing me a copy of this book.


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