49. Happy Mid-Autumn Festival 2017

Meng Yanan’s picture book Happy Mid-Autumn Festival  (孟亚楠:《中秋节快乐》) won the gold prize in the 2016 Bronze and Sunflower Picture Book Awards 青铜葵花图画书奖. Congratulations to Meng Yanan, and Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to everyone!


孟亚楠:《中秋节快乐》 – Meng Yanan’s Happy Mid-Autumn Festival (source)

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Receiving the prize: CAO Wenxuan (left), LIN Wenbao (centre), MENG Yanan (right) (source)

The following information and images are from today’s Weixin post by the publisher Tiantian chubanshe 天天出版社 (Tomorrow Publishing House).

Meng Yanan is the author and illustrator of the book. She was born in Beijing, and grew up there, and from childhood loved to draw and paint. She graduated from the Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology 北京服装学院, with a BA in Visual Communication and an MA in Illustration. She now teaches art in a primary school in Beijing, and creates picture books.

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival follows Mama Rabbit, as she prepares a special family dinner for Mid-Autumn Festival. She sets out early in the morning and meets lots of friends along the way: Squirrel, Otter, Little Bee. Little does she know that Bushy-tail Wolf is sneaking after her…


Page-spread from Happy Mid-Autumn Festival (source)

Congratulations also to the winners of the silver and bronze 2016 Bronze and Sunflower Picture Book Awards. The images below are copied from an interview with all three winners (in Chinese):


Silver award:  SUN Yuhu’s (text) and MA Sanjin’s book The Lion that Snores  (孙玉虎 (文), 麻三斤 (图): 《那只打呼噜的狮子》)  (source)


Bronze award:  ZHU Linlin’s book Funny Thing  朱琳琳 《奇怪的团子》 (source)


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