50. 12 Books for the Holidays

Earlier this week, Tomorrow Publishing House (Tiantian chubanshe 天天出版社) posted a piece recommending some good reads for children during this holiday week in China. If you need a rest from National Day, moon-gazing, mooncakes and so on, try these:


(1) 叶嘉莹  主编 , 高昌  赏析: 《给孩子们的诗园·古诗卷》 (source)

(1) YE Jiaying (ed.-in-chief), GAO Chang (appreciation), A Child’s Garden of Poems: Ancient Poems volume — Chia-ying YEH (pinyin: YE Jiaying) is well known in the world of Chinese poetry. This book is in the same series as Bei Dao’s Poems for Children.


(2) 沈石溪,【加】西顿  著: 《中西动物小说大王金品共读系列•拼音版》  (source)

(2) SHEN Shixi and Seaton, Great Animal Stories from China and the West — Stories by China’s “King of Animal Stories” and E.T. Seton (1860-1946) of Canada, famous for his animal stories, placed together in the same series.


(3) 曹文轩  著:《穿堂风》,《蝙蝠香》  (source)

(3) CAO Wenxuan, The Through Wind, and Bats’ Scent — Two stories by Cao Wenxuan. In The Through Wind a little boy is blamed for the sins of his father (who stole to fund his gambling habit), until he persuades people otherwise. In Bats’ Scent, a blind father puts a scented band around his son’s wrist so that he can follow the scent when the boy is sleepwalking.


(4) 杨志军  著 :《海底隧道》  (source)

(4) YANG Zhijun, The Tunnel Under the Sea — a prize-winning story about growing up.


(5) 老臣、汤素兰、谢倩霓、李东华、汪玥含等  著 :《 “成长的对话”系列》  (source)

(5) Lao Chen, TANG Sulan, XIE Qianni, LI Donghua, WANG Yuehan et al, Conversations about Growing Up series — In five volumes. Two generations of authors talk about the influences on their lives.


(6) 陆杨,超侠,汪玥含等  著 (吴岩,张品成  主编 ):《原创儿童科幻文学丛书》  (source)

(6) LU Yang, ZHAO Xia, WANG Yuehan et al (WU Yan and ZHANG Pincheng, eds-in-chief), New Science Fiction Literature for Children series) — Eight books in the series. New science fiction stories.

(7)【奥地利】汉斯·雅尼什  著,【意大利】琳达·沃夫斯格鲁伯  绘, 姚月  译:《今天我想慢吞吞》  (source)

(7) Heinz Janisch (text), Linda Wolfsgruber (illustr.), YAO Yue (tr.) Heute will ich langsam sein [Today I want to be slow] — Poems by the well-known Austrian author and Italian illustrator.

(8)【美】简·约伦  著, 孟科瑜  译 :《再见,不勇敢的我》  (source)


(8) Jane Yolen (text), MENG Keyu (tr.), Trash Mountain — When a young red squirrels’ parents are killed, he seeks refuge in Trash Mountain, where he has to learn to be brave. [The Chinese title back-translates as “Goodbye, wimpy me”]


(9)【瑞典】古妮拉·贝里斯特罗姆  文/图,徐昕  译:《阿尔菲和他的好爸爸》  (source)

(9) Gunilla Bergström (text/illustr.), XU Xin (tr.), Alfie Atkins — The adventures of Alfie Atkins (Swedish: Alfons Åberg), a little boy who lives with his father. [The Chinese translation of the boxed set translates as “Alfie Atkins and his good dad”.]


(10) 殷健灵  文, 魏冬妮  绘:《我的家很大很大很大》  (source)

(10) YIN Jianling (text), WEI Dongni (illustr.), My house is very,  very, very big — A little boy with a big imagination plays at home. Simple language for little children.


(11) 保冬妮  文 , 陈波  绘 :《绣花儿》  (source)

(11) BAO Dongni (text), CHEN Bo (illustr.), Xiu hua’er — During wartime, a Japanese woman buys embroidered clothes for her unborn child. After the war, she leaves the baby by the embroiderer’s door. The family bring the child up as their own, until one day a letter arrives…


(12) 孟亚楠  文/图 :《中秋节快乐》  (source)

(12) MENG Yanan (text/illustr.), Happy Mid-Autumn Festival — Mama Rabbit prepares a special family dinner for Mid-Autumn Festival. She sets out early in the morning and meets lots of friends along the way: Squirrel, Otter, Little Bee. Little does she know that Bushy-tail Wolf is sneaking after her… This book won gold prize in the 2016 Cao Wenxuan Best Picture Book Awards


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