77. Science Fiction for Children – selected by Liu Cixin and Han Song

The latest book in the “For Children” series is Science Fiction for Children, a collection of 15 short classics in the genre, selected and edited by Liu Cixin 刘慈欣 (The Three-Body Problem) and Han Song 韩松, and translated by Bao Shu and others. I saw an announcement in English about this new book in The China Daily (7 Dec 2018), and was curious to see which stories had been selected. It seems they were all originally written in Chinese or English. I’ve listed and translated the contents below, followed by a list and translation of the titles of the 11 books in the series (info taken from the Douban website).

sf for kids

Science Fiction for Children (image source: Douban)

Gei haizi de kehuan [Science fiction for children], selected and edited by LIU Cixin and HAN Song, tr. BAO Shu and others, For Children Series (Zhong Xin chubanshe jituan, 2018), 437 pp., RMB 52, ISBN: 9787508694757.  刘慈欣,韩松 选编; 宝树  等 译:《给孩子的科幻》 (中信出版集团: 给孩子系列, 2018年)  

About the book (from the Douban website)

The 11th book in the For Children series contains short classics of science fiction, selected and edited by Liu Cixin (author of The Three Body Problem) and Han Song. The focus is on how science and technology create a new world — the stories have scientific content, and transform scientific knowledge into vivid literary images. There is a certain poetry to science fiction that is quite different from the scope and grandeur of traditional poetry, and the new beauty and meaning that comes from the science fiction imagination allows us, when leading children into the world of science fiction world, to show them greater possibilities for mankind and the future.


  1. Leading Children into the World of Science Fiction – foreword by Liu Cixin
    序一 带孩子们进入科幻世界 刘慈欣 9
  2. Embracing Another World – foreword by Han Song
    序二 比别人多拥有一个世界 韩松 11
  3. The Cold Equation, by Tom Godwin
    冷酷的等式 汤姆· 葛德文 15
  4. The Wind from the Sun, by Arthur C. Clarke
    太阳风 阿瑟· 克拉克 46
  5. Frost and Fire, by Ray Bradbury
    霜与火 雷· 布拉德伯里 68
  6. Snow Mountain Magic Flute, by Tong Enzheng
    雪山魔笛 童恩正 126
  7. Bears Discover Fire, by Terry Bisson
    熊发现了火 特里· 比森 150
  8. Mercury Sowing, by Wang Jinkang
    水星播种 王晋康 166
  9. A Walk in the Sun, by Geoffrey A. Landis
    追赶太阳 杰弗里· 兰蒂斯 216
  10. Vicissitudes, by Wu Yan
    沧桑 吴岩 238
  11. The Micro Era, by Liu Cixin
    微纪元 刘慈欣 256
  12. Tombstone of the Universe, by Han Song
    宇宙墓碑 韩松 282
  13. Tower of Babylon, by Ted Chiang
    巴比伦塔 特德· 姜 310
  14. Foreign Land, by He Xi
    异域 何夕 344
  15. The Legend of Yanshi, by Pan Haitian
    偃师传说 潘海天 376
  16. Cosmic Spring, by Liu Yukun (Ken Liu)
    宇宙之春 刘宇昆 392
  17. The Image Builder, by Chen Qiufan (Stanley Chan)
    造像者 陈楸帆 402


For children

 The “For Children” series (给孩子系列) (image source: youzan.com)

This is an impressive and attractive series, with Bei Dao 北岛 as the editor-in-chief. The first volume was inspired (provoked) by his resolve to select quality works for young readers – selecting the best of Chinese and foreign works. See our post on the first volume for more information.

  1. 《给孩子的诗》 Poems for Children
  2. 《给孩子的散文》 Essays for Children
  3. 《给孩子的古诗词》 Ancient Poems for Children
  4. 《给孩子的动物寓言》 Animal Fables for Children
  5. 《给孩子的汉字王国》 The Kingdom of Chinese Writing for Children
  6. 《给孩子的故事》 Stories for Children
  7. 《给孩子的音乐》 Music for Children
  8. 《给孩子的历史地理》 Historical Geography for Children
  9. 《给孩子的书法》 Calligraphy for Children
  10. 《给孩子的生命简史》 A Brief History of Life for Children
  11. 《给孩子的科幻》 Science Fiction for Children



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