82. White Horse by Yan Ge

White Horse

White Horse (Hoperoad, 2019)

Last year, Yan Ge’s novel The Chili Bean Paste Clan 《我们家》was published in English, and now it’s time for her YA-novella White Horse 《白马》 (both works translated by the skilled Nicky Harman).

White Horse has been described as a “coming-of-age story”, but to an even higher degree, it’s a story about secrets and the terrible consequences they can have. The main character is Yun Yun, a ten year old girl, who together with her cousin Zhang Qing is trying on the attributes of adulthood, in the form of makeup and clothes. Puberty, and adolescent girls’ discovery of the female body is not an unusual topic for Yan Ge, who – in the same collection of stories where White Horse was first printed – also published the novella “The Demon-reflecting Mirror“, about a group of teenagers trying to understand themselves and their changing bodies with the help of a mirror. Continue reading