98. Children’s Books in China, 2017-2020

Publisher’s Weekly produces an annual summary Children’s Books in China. We featured the 2017 and 2018 editions in an earlier blog (no. 66). Here are the editions for 2019 and 2020. These industry reports are researched and written by Teri Tan, who has an impressive list of publications with Publisher’s Weekly. Continue reading

97. I Want To Be Good! Nicky Harman tells us about Huang Beijia’s novel

Nicky Harman is one of the most versatile and enthusiastic translators of Chinese literature, and a few months ago we were delighted to hear that she had been commissioned to translate Huang Beijia‘s 黄蓓佳 much-loved novel I Want To Be Good! 《我要做好孩子》. Huang Beijia is a well-known author in China, with many books to her name, and was China’s nominated author for the Hans Christian Andersen Award this year. At long last, she is being translated into English! Thank you, Nicky, for agreeing to be interviewed! Continue reading