141. Shenzhen Reading Month and The Best Children’s Books of 2021

Shenzhen Reading Month 深圳读书月 takes place every November. Launched in 2000, it is now in its 22nd year. A major event of Shenzhen Reading Month is The Best 10 Children’s Books Awards 深圳读书月年度十大童书, launched in 2014, and now in its eighth year.

This year’s winners were announced yesterday (13 Nov). The following details are based on an article posted on WeChat – link (in Chinese)

The judging took place over six months:

  • June: the committee was established
  • July: a list of over 1200 new children’s books was produced
  • Aug: the long list of 100 books was decided
  • Oct: the short list of 30 books was decided – see list here
  • Nov: the top10 best books were announced

The final selection was made by a panel of nine judges:

  • Hai Fei 海飞, former President of the China Children’s Press and Publication Association
  • Li Pan 李潘, host of the CCTV Science and Education Channel “Reading” programme
  • A Jia 阿甲, author, translator, researcher and promoter of children’s books
  • Feng Xia 凤霞, Professor at Nanjing Normal University
  • Zhou Yimin 周益民, promoter of children’s reading
  • Sun Zhengfan 孙正凡, specialist in astrophysics
  • Yuan Xiaofeng 袁晓峰, popular science writer, former editor of “100,00 Whys”
  • Xiong Youping 熊佑平, head-teacher, promoter of reading in Shenzhen
  • Li Qingsong 李青松, promoter of reading in Guangdong province
  • Zhou Yiwen 周艺文, Deputy Director of Shenzhen Care Office, writer and painter
  • Qin Jinping 秦锦屏, writer, President of Futian Academy of Arts and Sciences

The Winners

This year’s winners include 4 books created in China, and 6 books translated from English, French, Italian and Polish. Congratulations to the winners!

  1. [加 ]西德尼·史密斯著、绘,范晓星译,《大大的城市,小小的你》(二十一世纪出版社, 2021) ISBN 978-7556853465 // Small in the City, by Sydney Smith [Canada], tr. Fan Xiaoxing (21st Century Publishing House)

2. 薛涛著,郁蓉绘:《脚印》(安徽少年儿童出版社m 2021) ISBN 978-7570708697 // Xue Tao, Yu Rong: “Footprints” (Anhui Juvenile and Children’s Publishing House)

3. [波兰] 伊娃娜·奇米勒斯卡著, 徐丽红译《十个脚趾去旅行》(广西师范大学出版社, 2021) ISBN 978-7559834447 // Iwona Chmielewska [Poland], tr. Xu Lihong: “Ten Toes Go Travelling” (Guangxi shifan daxue chubanshe)

4. 汪品先著: 《深海浅说》(上海科技教育出版社, 2020) ISBN 978-7542873354 // Wang Pinxian, “The Deep Ocean Explained Simply” (Shanghai Science and Technology Press)

5.  [意] 翁贝托·加林贝蒂 / [意] 伊雷妮·梅利尼 / [意] 玛里亚·路易莎·彼得鲁切利[意] 翁贝, 潘源文译:《为什么?100位哲学家的哲思故事》(中信出版集团, 2021) ISBN 978-7521729160 // Umberto Galimberti, Irene Melini, Maria Luisa Petruchelli [Italian]: Perché?: Cento storie di filosofi per ragazzi curiosi (Why?: One hundred stories of philosophers for curious children) (tr. Pan Yuanwen, CITIC Press Group)

6. [法] 桑德哈·勒布伦 编,[法] 热拉尔·盖合莱,[法] 洛伊克·梅黑 绘, 李尧 译《少年大侦探·福尔摩斯探案笔记(全3册)》(海天出版社, 2020) ISBN 978-7550728394 // Sandra Lebrun, Loïc Méhée: Les 10 meilleures enquêtes de Sherlock Holmes (Cahiers de jeux) (Larousse, 2018) ISBN 978-2035964632 (tr. Li Yao, Haitian Publishing House)

7. 陈诗哥(陈开斌)著: 《一个迷路时才遇见的国家和一群清醒时做梦的梦想家》(二十一世纪 出版社, 2020) ISBN 978-7556852147 // Chen Shige (Chen Kaibin): “A country only seen by those who are lost and a group of dreamers who dream wide awake” (21st Century Publishing House)

8. [英] 迈克尔·莫波格著, 熊亭玉译:《听月亮的女孩》 (现代出版社, 2021) ISBN 978-7514390438 // Michael Morpurgo (UK): Listen to the Moon (tr. Xiong Tingyu, China Modern Publishing House)

9. [澳] 丽莎·尼科尔著, 孙俊伟译《不会笑的孩子》(中信出版社, 2020) ISBN 978-7521718577 // Lisa Nicol (Australia), Dr Boogaloo and the Girl Who Lost her Laughter (tr. Sun Junwei, CITIC Press Group)

10. 慈琪 著,王笑笑 绘《我讲的故事都不是真的》(人民文学出版社) ISBN 978-7020166855 // Ci Qi, Wang Xiaoxiao, “None of the stories I tell are true” (People’s Literature Press)

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