It would be impossible to name every illustrator or to keep things up to date. So we’re creating a list of names as we go along, with useful links, including our colourful Pinterest board! (If you come across any broken links, please let us know!)

Arranged alphabetically by family name (family name in upper case):

Golden Pinwheel Young Illustrators Award 金风车国际青年插画大赛 

  • Winners 2015 – PDF PDF Pinterest
  • ZHOU Jieyuan 周劼媛 – gold, Golden Pinwheel Young Illustrators Award 2015
  • Show Tao 兽桃 (党汉斌) – silver
  • WANG Xiaoxiao  王笑笑 – silver
  • Han Han  含含(中国) – bronze
  • WANG Jue 王珏 – bronze
  • YE Luying  叶露盈 – bronze
  • ZHANG Yu 张钰 and GONG Yifei 巩艺飞 – excellence award
  • Picture Book Creation Studio, Central Academy of Fine Arts  央美绘本创作工作室 – excellence award
  • LIU Chao  刘超 – excellence award
  • MENG Ziru  孟子茹 – excellence award
  • WANG Lala  王拉拉 – excellence award
  • WEN Xin  温馨 – excellence award
  • XU Qingfeng  许青峰 – excellence award
  • YAN Xueqing  颜雪晴 – excellence award
  • YANG Zhujun  杨筑珺 – excellence award
  • ZHAO Yufei  赵喻非 – excellence award