The 10th National Outstanding Children’s Literature Awards, 2017

The winners of the 10th National Outstanding Children’s Literature Awards 全国优秀儿童文学奖 have just been announced. A total of 18 titles have received awards. The original Chinese announcement is here.

Congratulations to all the winners! I’ve updated the Wikipedia page for this award, and the winners of all 10 Awards are now listed there.  The chairs of the 2017 judging committee were Tie Ning  铁 凝 and Li Jingze  李敬泽, and the deputy chairs were Yan Jingming  阎晶明, Fang Weiping  方卫平 and Tang Sulan  汤素兰.

Dong Hongyou: A Hundred Children’s Chinese Dream  (two different covers)

Here are the winners (note: the English translations of the titles are very approximate, and may not be accurate):


  • Dong Hongyou: A Hundred Children’s Chinese Dream  董宏猷: 《一百个孩子的中国梦》
  • Mai Zi: Bear’s Daughter 麦 子: 《大熊的女儿》
  • Zhang Wei: Looking for the Fish King 张 炜: 《寻找鱼王》
  • Shi Lei: General’s Hutong 史 雷: 《将军胡同》
  • Xiao Ping: Muyang School Diary: I Just Love to Dsagree 萧 萍: 《沐阳上学记•我就是喜欢唱反调》
  • Zhang Zhilu: Lucky Time 张之路: 《吉祥时光》
  • Peng Xuejun: Tang Mu, the Boy by the Pontoon Bridge 彭学军: 《浮桥边的汤木》


  • Wang Lichun: Gateway to Dreams 王立春: 《梦的门》

Young readers

  • Guo Jiangyan: The Deliveryman in Buluo Town 郭姜燕: 《布罗镇的邮递员》
  • Lu Lina: The Little Girl’s Name 吕丽娜: 《小女孩的名字》
  • Tang Tang: Water Spirit 汤 汤: 《水妖喀喀莎》
  • Zhou Jing: A Thousand Leaping Flower Buds 周 静: 《一千朵跳跃的花蕾》


  • Yin Jianling: Love – Grandma and Me 殷健灵: 《爱——外婆和我》


  • Shu Huibo: Dreams are the Light of Life 舒辉波: 《梦想是生命里的光》


  • Wang Linbo: Saving the Genius 王林柏: 《拯救天才》
  • Zhao Hua: Star-seeking in the Desert 赵 华: 《大漠寻星人》

Picture books

  • Sun Yuhu: Actually, I’m a Fish 孙玉虎: 《其实我是一条鱼》
  • Li Shabai: Dandelion Married Daughter 李少白: 《蒲公英嫁女儿》